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KVC UPS SCHOOL JAIPUR RAJASTHAN is a co-educational English medium school with a well trained and experienced staff providing a positive environment where all students can learn develop and mature while promoting self-esteem responsibility and respect for self as well as others. School is well knownin Rajasthan and beyond it.

We have taken responsibility to provide the best education for overall development of student. The KVC UPS has best facilities for over all development of student.


Philosophy on diversity

The purpose of KVC UPS is to prepare students with promise higher education and life long learning and to enhance their international physical, social emotional spritual and artistic growth. so that they may realise the power for good as citizen of local and world communities. we recognize that such growth is best hourished in an environment that honours and respect not only a diversity of peoples within our community.

we acknowledge that a learning environment that welcomes and encourage diversity provides in invaluable opportunity for all students and adult alike to develop the skills and appreciation necessary to become vital contributing members of our increasingly diverse local and global communities.



�We are loved, We are called and We are inspired �

We will empower students to face and excel within the ever changing complexities of the modern world. we shall approach the education of our students through the lens of holistic development realizing academic excellence and creating responsiblecitizen whoembrace diversitychange andlifelonglearning. We aspire to have qualified and exceptional teacher who are passionate about imparting knowledge and nurturing independent innovative and creative thinking. we will build a community that is dynamic multicultural and sustainable.



To create an environment for learning that embracestechnology, innovation and diversity an environment that encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity as collaboration. To cultivate independent learning through exposure to diverse perspectives and opportunities. To build high academic standards through a strong commitment to the process of learning and achieving excellence. To teach personal accountability and social responsibility by providing opportunities of constantly engage in arts, sports, community service leadership and more.


Our mission is to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow today to enrich each student�s academic and personal development whilst uploading values of integrity to deepen each student�s understanding of the complexities of world.


KVC UPS proudly presents a campus spread 3 acers in close proximity to railway station and bus stand. The green campus concept has been employed in the planning and construction of the school.

Environment friendly spacious campus.

computer lab

multipurpose hall, Dance room


Beyond the book

Education is the journey of discovery and growth. We take best from RBSE. Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects facilitating not just book knowledge but also development of concept ideas and skills.

KVC UPS believes that learning is dynamic process where each student learns differently. we provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching in ways that match the way students to discover that they are competent and capable learners.


A world of discovery in your classroom Digi class aims of converting traditional class rooms into interactive learning centre by combining state of the art hardware with up to date content based upon cognitive learning approach. The most widely accepted theory of the learning process this solution provides a multimedia resources library.

DIGICLASS offers unique advantages and make the class room sessions more interactive and interesting. The solution is structured easy to understand and syllabus compliant. difficult concepts in science and math�s are simplified with diagram and illustration on making teaching easy and effectiveness.


Session Period: 1stApril - 31st March

Vacation: 17th May- 30 June (as govt. schedule)

Admission: 1St April - 31st August

Examination schedule


Based upon class test, quiz experiment, practical assignment, project (group/ individual) conversation interview, oral questions.

Formative assessment � I April / May Formative assessment � II August

Formative assessment �III October Formative assessment- IV February

Summative assessment:

Print Paper testing. There is no provision of re-test for the absentee.

Assessment is indicated in grades. The grading scale for the scholastic domain which includes language, science mathematics and computer is on nine point grading scale and for the co- scholastic domain it is a five grading scale.

Summative Assessment- I December Summative Assessment - II March

Grading System


A+ 90% - 100 % Excellent
A 80% - 89%
B+ 70% - 79% Very good
B 60%- 69 %
C 50% - 59% Good
C+ 40% - 49 %
D 30% - 39% Fair
E 0 %- 29% Need


dance and sport photo

��Melty tasking is rapidly being acknowledged as a necessary skill�.

At KVCUPS, students have a wide variety of co-curricular pursuits to choose from. Their days are carefully structured to ensure that every hour is fruitfully spent. The opportunities to discover their individual talents and develop their capabilities unlimited.

Various activities are held in the field of art, dance music, drama, sports, education environment and entertainment. To encourage their talents, school organizes different competitions and group activities. Prize and awards are distributed in the annual functions.


Session Period: 1stApril - 31st March

Vacation: 17th May- 30 June (as govt. schedule)

Admission: 1St April - 31st August

Environmental Awareness

In order to make students more aware of their environment and how they can contribute to making the world a better place to live in, many activities are organized.

Competitions are held in chart making slogan writing decoration of notice board apart from class room discussion. Polythene bags have been strictly banned in the school.

Entertainment Activities

Singing Essay writing, fancy dress,solo and group dances and advertising competition, where children eagerly participate in all these to prove themselves. In addition to the above, children are given a chance to participate in various other activities such as card making, gift wrapping, pangolin, flower arrangement.

Prize are also won in the most of these activities whenever the school participants in local inter- school competitions.

Dance, Music and Drama

The school encourage a great deal of musical activities through special classes on Indian and western orchestral and keyboard instrument, besides singing. Traditional Indian dance classes are held regularly. Students are also given ample exposure to dramatics.

Drawing, Painting and Educational Activities

Art work, Drawing and painting Debates Quiz Essay writing poetry writing, word building is some of the activities the student can choose from literary and science clubs scouting and community services programmers besides inter school competitions are also organized.


With many acres of ground the school offers excellent and constantly expanding sports facilities to its students. Each pupil takes part in the sporting activities organized under the supervision trained sports instructors. The academic year is divided in to different seasons for various outdoor games. The students play cricket, throw ball, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi and Kho-Kho, table tennis chess and scrabble are some of the indoor games that the students enjoy. Besides these body building boxing and wrestling are some other sport activities in which students take part. Prize are also won in the most of these activities whenever the school participants in inter school competitions, district and state level competitions. The school provides a diverse range of activities for its students in the belief that the health and development of the physical body lends to the development of the physical body lends to the development of a healthy mind.



Parents are required to submit registration form on or before the specified date.

Entrance test

Tests will be conducted for English, Math�s, Science, and Hindi. 75% Marks are necessary for the admission.


Personal interview of the ward will be taken before admission.


Admission are strictly on the basis of merit list through entrance test and interview.


School Timing: 8.00 am � 1.20 pm

Parents are welcomed to meet:

The Principal: 9.00 am to 10.00 am (Monday&Wednesday)

The Co-coordinator: 8.15 am to 9.15 am (Monday&Wednesday)

School Details


Parents are welcomed to meet:

U.K.G. 4++

H. K. G. 5++




HEALTH PLUS� Love life! feel great!

Keeping with the policy of healthy eating that does not provide junk food and accreteddrink. The concept of green campus the air fresh and environmental healthy in and around the school. Plastic and chemical free landscaping also helps mother nature to breathe and flourish in the rest rooms through the method steam cleaning the toilets are cleaned and sanitized. this helps prevent germs and keep the infection free.


Sentsunders library is located in a large sunny rooms with all facilities. It is a great place to find 1000 books.


The Computer lab is hub of activities throughout the day. Computer education is mandatory and in the integral part of the curriculum from class 1st onwards


KVC UPS have a large playground for kids. The playgroundhas many features

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