It is true that alumni success reflects the quality of an institution. Without information such as their current location, career paths and the skills that alums have acquired, organisations and institutions could be missing out on valuable knowledge and data that could be used to attract new students So, why should we focus on developing strong and well-connected alumni networks? At thither we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons.

Create a pool of talented role models to inspire new generations. With an alumni network, your institution will be able to find success stories from alumni that can inspire current and future students. This can lead to mentoring or career advising opportunities. Often students find alumni easier to relate to than career advisers.

Gather valuable information about the paths your alumni have followed. Analysing the path that your alumni take after leaving the institution is often an eye opener for both your students and yourselves. This information can be used to inspire and attract new students.

Nurture the sense of belonging to a community. During their time at your institution, your alumni will have built a sense of belonging. It is important to nurture this as alumni will want to give back to the institution.

Create fundraising opportunities. Alumni can give back to the institution in many ways, but donations are a huge part of alumni engagement. Having an alumni community allows you to reach out to alumni on a regular basis.

Mentoring opportunities. One of the most valuable aspects of an alumni network is the collective resource of diverse experience. A strong mentoring program unlocks this potential within your community, helping people give back and help the next generation.

Allow alumni to reconnect with peers and network with skilled members of the community. Alumni are also great resources to each other. Creating a community, allows alumni to get in touch with peers anywhere in the world!

An alumni network helps maintain your institution's reputation. With alumni located all over the world, having a tight community will help maintain your institution's reputation.

Survey alumni to improve your institution by staying in touch with your alumni community, you can get feedback on ways to improve your institution.

Strengthen your institution.

A strong alumni community is high criteria for many prospective students when choosing which institution to attend.

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